Break Down Your Classroom Walls with Blogs

How to start a teaching blog (with Blogger tutorial)
How to get started blogging by Grammar Girl
Why publish online?
Mrs. Kolbert's 4th grade blog
Transform a Hand It In Classroom to a Publish It Classroom by Lisa Nielsen
Innovative Educators Can Help Students and Themselves Become Published Authors__

Twitter 101

The Ultimate Twitter Guide for Teachers by Edudemic
Cybraryman's Educational Twitter Hastag list
Cybraryman's Live Twitter Chat list

Grow Your PLN (Professional Learning Network) Through Twitter!

  1. Set up your twitter account if you don't already have one. Be sure your account has a bio and photo tied to it.
  2. Download and set up a twitter client - Tweetdeck is the one Lynne uses most
  3. Explore educational hashtags
  4. Review a past #nebedchat transcript
  5. Practice participation in a live chat today with #YorkMLK13
  6. Join the #nebedu chat on Wednesday nights at 8 pm

Jeff Utecht's free e-book Reach helps you understand PLNs and how to use tech tools to build yours!

Personal Branding

What is Personal Branding?
Personal branding is basically the way you market yourself to the world. Your personal brand is what other people think of you. In some ways it’s outside your control, but you obviously have some influence over it.

Personal branding is unavoidable. As others interact with you, they’ll automatically form mental associations that connect you with certain labels, often within the first few seconds. You can’t avoid being labeled, and other people can’t avoid labeling you. It happens automatically because our brains are wired to recognize patterns and form associations. The labels people attach to you become part of your personal brand.

If you type an email, you’re branding yourself. If you have a conversation with a friend or family member, you’re branding yourself. How you dress, what you eat, and how you talk all contribute to your brand. Think of your brand as the summation of all the associations about you that are stored in people’s minds. - Steve Pavlina

Personal Branding via Pinterest Board