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Storytelling Apps

Songify - Turn text into songs
Sock Puppets - Create sock puppet shows synced to your own voices
AudioBoo - Record audio clips, add photos, etc.
Scribble Press - Create digital book that can be shared via web link or through ibooks
VoiceThread - Capture a conversation around an image or movie
Explain Everything ($2.99) - Screen casting app that allow you to create and capture images, add text or voice annotation, explain a process or create a movie.

Word Cloud/Word Wall Tools

19 Word Cloud Tips and Tools
Tagxedo - Word clouds with shapes
Wordle Create word clouds
Linoit Online notice board maker
Wall Wisher "Online stickies" for words, photos, etc.

Web 2.0 "Publish It!" Tools

Search Stories via Google
Voicethread - Online posting of images and shared conversation
Prezi - Create poster presentations
Glogster "Posterize" yourself
Google Docs Create and share online versions of documents, presentations and spreadsheets
Storybird Create your own online storybooks with words and images
Kerpoof - Scholastic online story creator tool
Set up a free, no-ad K-12 Wikispace account
SlideRocket - Online presentation tool

Online Still Comic Creator

Comic Strip improves literacy among boys (article)
Ways to Use Comics in the Classroom (Slideshare)
Comics - Create & share comics.
ComicStripr - Personalize cartoon strips.
FotoTricks - Upload photo and add comic bubbles.
Quicktoons - Create & share comics.

Comic Master - Create a free, online graphic novel

Strip Generator
Make Beliefs Comix
Convert to Cartoon - adds comic effects to photos
BeFunky - add comic effects to images/photos
Pixton -
Stykz - Multi platform stick figure animation tool
Pivot Stick Animator - Windows platform stick animation tool
Witty Comics
Create Your Own Marvel Comic Book

Online Motion/Animation Tool

Claymation in the Classroom
Doink create fun animations with this incredible free animation / drawing tool
Pencil Animation - Download Only
Dfilm easily create fun films
Fluxtime more animation fun
Flipbook create fun flipbooks with this tools
Xtranormal create movies with real characters
Canvastic - create simple animations on this free canvas


GizMoz 3D avatar creator
DoppelMe (creates graphical avatar)
List of Kid Friendly Avatar Creators (images only)

Online Video Editing/Creation Tool

WeVideo Free, online video editor
Jaycut: Free, online video editor


YouTube Quick Capture
YouTube Quick Capture Help
Audacity sound recorder download

QR Codes

Lynne's QR Code Collection
Classroom QR Codes on Pinterest

Homework Help Tools

Khan Academy


Video - Podcasting in Plain English

Digital Images

Video - Online Photo Sharing in Plain English

Screen Capture

40 free screen capture tools and tips

Google Tools

Join the Central US Google Apps for Education User Group!
Richard Byrnes' Google Tools e-book I for teachers
Richard Byrnes' Google Tools e-book II for teachers

Google Docs
Google Docs in Plain English(Video)
Richard Byrne's Free Google Guide for Teachers
Advanced Tips and Tricks in Google Docs
Google Docs self-paced module
Lesson plans that incorporate Google Docs
Interesting Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom
Sample Document

Google Sites
Google Sites Intro via Teachertube
Google Sites self-paced module

Google Forms/Spreadsheets
Sample Form
Google Forms Intro and Uses
71+ ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom
Flubaroo - self-grading quizzes with Google forms
Step by Step Guide to Using Flubaroo
Use a Google Docs Spreadsheet to Send Text Message Alerts to Students

Google Maps
Interesting Ways to Use Google Maps in the Classroom

Google Voice
Tips for using Google Voice with your students

Google Chrome/Youtube